14th February - Poetry Slam

Today was the 8th Annual Poetry Slam competition!  The children performed the poems they have been learning this half-term to the rest of the school.  The quality of the choral speaking performances were amazing.  Well done to all the children and the staff for their hard work! 

Each class was either awarded a Merit, an Honours or a Distinction.   Well done to  3H, 3C, 5A, 5G and 6J who achieved a distinction! 

Spring Term 1 - Hummingbird Project

This half-term, Year 4 have been participating in the Hummingbird Project.  This project, kindly funded by Jigsaw Housing, is a positive education intervention. It was designed to give the children the tools they need to be as happy, healthy and productive as possible.  The children learnt some mindfulness techniques, about being grateful, the importance of team work, being resilient as well as learning about their character strengths and how they can use these to their advantage.  

12th February - Online Safety Performance

Children in Year 3 to Year 6 enjoyed a performance of Play, Post, Share, Repeat today!   The children engaged well with the actors and the message the play was delivering.  They learnt some valuable lessons on how to be safe on the many gaming platforms and on the apps they use.  The Year 6 children continued their understanding of online safety during an online safety workshop.  

2nd February - STEM Day

Today the children took part in our STEM Day! They participated in a range of Maths, Science and Computing activities and learnt about jobs where these subjects are important. In Maths, Dr Brainwave, asked the children to solve problems using their knowledge of a range of mathematical areas. He also taught the children the valuable lesson that making mistakes is a good thing and not something to be feared. Our budding scientists were challenged to make rockets. The children investigated what changes they could make to their rocket to keep in the air the longest! Well done to 4W who were the winners! The children used their technology skills to record and present their data and findings.  They used video and audio, SeeSaw, Adobe Spark or Microsoft Excel.  The teachers were very impressed by their technological skills!

22nd January - Years 4, 5 and 6 Macbeth

The children in Years 4, 5 and 6 were treated to a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth this week – which they thoroughly enjoyed. Ayaan said, “I liked the part when the actors stopped being one character and become another.  I loved the story.”  They then had the opportunity to ask the performers questions about the play and the character’s motives. The actors commented that the children’s questions were fabulous and showed a real understanding of the play. 

17th January - Chadderton Fire Service Visit

Year 2 were visited today by four fire fighters from Chadderton Fire Station as part of their learning on the Great Fire of London.  The fire fighters talked about fire safety in the home, the children and listened to a smoke alarm going off.  They learnt about what to do if their clothes were to catch fire: Stop, Drop and Roll.  They dressed Miss Shaw up in the protective clothing that fire fighters wear and she told the children how heavy it was!  What a fantastic visit for Year 2!

12th January - Year 6 Ultimate Products Visit

Year 6 visited Ultimate Products to investigate career opportunities in our local area.  The children had a tour of the facilities, explored the wide variety of products they designed, manufacture and distribute.  A member of the design and HR team discussed the variety of job opportunities.  The children then had the opportunity to evaluate  one of their products and discussed ideas to enhance and make more user friendly. Imanni said, “I spoke to one of the staff members who said I could come back when I’m in secondary school for work experience.  I can’t wait!”  Laura Hanson (School Governor and employee at Ultimate Products) said how impressed she was with the children’s attitude and manners and that the children’s presentations could rival those of some of our graduates.  She hoped that some of them would be inspired about different career paths on their doorstep.  Yusuf said, “It was so much fun! I couldn’t believe all that was right next to our school!”

11th January - Year 5 Viking Workshop

The children took part in a Viking workshop today as an introduction to their unit of learning about the Vikings. They learned about where the Vikings came from, played Viking games and learned about weaponry.  Hamzah said, ” I enjoyed when we did the tug of war to find out who was the strongest Viking in Year 5!”

22nd December- Jigsaw Housing

Today Asmina from Jigsaw Housing visited school to present certificates to the parents who completed the 3 day Health and Hygiene course. The parents who attended this course said this was an excellent opportunity and were grateful to Jigsaw Housing for funding it.  She also brought a special surprise for the children who were presented with a chocolate gift.  

21st December - Father Christmas Visit

Father Christmas made a special visit today to Burnley Brow.  Foundation Stage and Key Stage One were enjoying a festive sing-a-long when Santa arrived.  He brought the children a present and enjoyed their fabulous singing – he happened to say they were the best singers he has heard this year! Key Stage Two, were enjoying their parties when the famous visitor arrived.  All the children were so excited to see him! 

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas everyone! 

20th December - Christmas Dinner Day

Today all the children and staff enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner of turkey and all the trimmings. The children made party hats and wore their winter jumpers.  A very festive time was had by all. Thank you to all the kitchen staff who worked hard to make this yet another fabulous Christmas dinner. 

19th and 20th December - Nativity

The children from Nursery to Year 2 performed the Nativity play to their parents over the past couple of days.  The children were amazing as they retold the story of Christmas  through story and song.  Well done to all the children and staff for their hard work! 

16th December - Year 5 Planetarium

A mobile planetarium came to school today and year 5 learnt about all things space!   They learnt lots of facts about our solar system and also watched the Apollo 11 mission to the moon and learnt about other plans for future space travel. It certainly inspired the children and who know one of our Year 5s might make it into space one day! 

13th December - Year 5 Road Safety

This week, the children in Year 5 were visited by Julie Williams Oldham’s Road Safety Co-ordinator.  She took the children out to help them to learn how to  safely cross the road. 

Sahill in 5G said – “I really enjoyed the road safety lesson and it helped me to cross the road more safely!”

Eliza in 5G said – “It was a good chance to learn more about different parts of road safety.”

11th December - Gritter Visit

What a fantastic experience for 5G today.  In October, Miss Green entered the class into Oldham Council’s ‘Name a Gritter’ competition. Lots of children in Oldham entered the competition. Tanjila was one of the lucky winners with her entry of ‘Gritty Gritty Bang Bang’ -well done! Tanjila visited the depo to see the gritter she had named along with the other competition winners. 5G have also been visited by another gritter today and got the chance to ask lots of questions. 

8th December- No Pens Day

Today talking and listening took over the curriculum as Burnley Brow held a No Pens Day. The children honed their skills by taking part in a range of speaking and listening activities from Taboo, painting a picture their partner is describing, to following verbal instructions to make an origami hat. Great fun was had by all and showed the children how important these skills are! 

5th and 6th December - Glow in the Dark Dodgeball

Children from Nursery to Year 6 had the opportunity to play glow in the dark dodgeball as part of their PE lessons this week. I think it is fair to say that everyone enjoyed this unique experience.  Muhammad in Year 3 said, “It was amazing, everything glowed! It made dodging the ball even more fun!

5th December - Year 5 church Visit

Year 5 visited the Church of the Holy Family today as part of their RE unit of learning on Christmas.  They had the opportunity to learn about the Christmas story, explored the meaning behind the advent wreath whilst having a tour of the church and being able to ask questions. Tanjila said, “It was great to see how Christians pray and worship. I enjoyed looking at the paintings and statues in the church.” Adam said, ” I liked seeing things that were the same and different to my mosque and being able to ask lots of questions.”

28th November - Pantomime Time

The whole school enjoyed watching a  Aladdin today- oh yes they did! 

The children got fully involved in the routines.  A good time was had by all!

17th November - Children in Need

Today, the children  raised money for disadvantaged children all over the  UK who need help and support.  As part of this, the children wore non-uniform or wore Pudsey Bear themed clothing, created a 2p trail and were able to buy from their Phases special Children in Need cafe! 

They also enjoyed another episode of The Joke Machine – not many teachers made the children laugh.  

Sahil (Student Leader) said, “It is good to help those that are less fortunate than us?”

13th November - Anti-Bullying Perfromance

The children from Year 2 to 6 watched a very important performance today from Altru Drama. They learnt all about celebrating everyone’s superhero powers and that everyone is different! They learnt a lot about respecting our individual skills and helping one another.  The children in Year 4 took part in a workshop.

18th October - Strictly Singing 2023

The children finally performed the songs they have been learning for Strictly Singing to the rest of the school.  All the performances were amazing and reflected the hard work and effort the children and their teachers had put in over the past couple of weeks. Well done to everyone and remember to ‘keep singing!’

9th October - Visit from Musician Zoe Rahman

The children enjoyed a performance from professional musician Zoe Rahman today. She performed several pieces that she had written, spoke about how she became a musician and took questions from the children. The children enjoyed the performance and some children were able to come to the front to create their own pieces of music. 

5th October - Parent's Gardening Club Celebration

Thanks to funding from Jigsaw Housing Association parents have been attending a 12 week gardening course which promoted the wellbeing benefits of gardening and being outside. The parents along with an experienced gardener have planted and cared for a range of vegetables. This week they have harvested all of their hard work and got together to cook. Today a special celebration took place where the food they had grown and cooked was shared.  It was delicious!  This course will continue thanks to JIGSAW Housing Association for continuing to support this community project.  

24th July - 100% Attendance

The children who achieved 100% attendance this year enjoyed a fantastic lunch at Pizza Hut.  The Ice Cream Factory was a highlight. Well done to all those children. 

24th July - Beat the Goalie

The children enjoyed taking part in our Beat the Goalie event today! The children aimed to get three goals past our goalkeepers – well done to those who managed it!

20th July - Live Music Now

Children across school enjoyed an interactive performance from Live Music Now. Mohammed Shahid  said, “It was fantastic! It was so good!” The Nursery children said they loved ringing the bells and being the butterfly. 

20th July - Year 6 Leavers Assembly

Today the Year 6 children performed The Jungle Book to their parents – the performance was amazing!  There were many rising stars ready for the stage! After the show, there was an emotional farewell as children were given the traditional Burnley Brow dictionary! Zain said, “It is a memory I will keep for a lifetime! I have grown in confidence – I never thought I could be Mowgli!”


19th July - Attendance Party

Classes 1T and 6G won the Attendance Prize this year. The children enjoyed an ice-cream and enjoyed playing with their friends. Well done to both classes!

18th July - House Prize

The rain didn’t stop the fun today as Falcon House won the end of year House Prize and had a lovely afternoon having a carpet picnic! Well done Falcon! Sahill in Year 4 said, “I was so proud that we won! The jam sandwiches were delicious!”


18th July - Llandudno Parent's Trip

The return of our annual parent’s trip!  It was a successful day with over 40 parents.  It rained but this did not spoil the fun. Parents were able to explore the beach, the pier, the funicular railway and mostly avoided the seagulls! New friendships were made and some parents have already made plans to visit with their children. 


13th July - Summer Fair

Despite the rain yesterday, what a wonderful time was had by all who attended our Summer Fair.  Families had the opportunity to buy food, cakes, play games and even be part of our photobooth!

Inaaya in Year 4 said, “I liked the different stalls and I loved the chocolate tombola – I won two bars of chocolate!”


Even the teachers enjoyed getting involved in the fun!


Thank you again to our wonderful home cooks who made food for us to sell at the fair – it was definitely one of our most popular stalls!

Some of our wonderful tasty cooked food .

Thank you to all of our families who attended the fair and made it a huge success!

14th June - Sports Day

There was excitement in the air today as the whole school came to school wearing their sports kit ready to take part in Sports Day today! 

The children in Key Stage 1 and 2 took part in races from sprints, relays, obstacle course and javelin.  Prizes were awarded for those who came 1st, 2ndand 3rd and points were awarded to their house teams.  

Maryam in Year 5 said, “I just love sports, so sports day is my sort of day!”

 Even the teachers joined in the fun taking part in the teacher’s egg and spoon race.

Nursery took part in their own sports day completing a carousel of activities such as egg and spoon, balancing a quoit on head and bean bag throw.  The children had a fabulous time showing off their sporting skills!


5th May - Coronation Celebration Day

The children and staff came to school wearing either red, white or blue or all three if they wished to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III.  The children learnt about the Coronation, the Monarchy and British Values. During assembly, the children sang the National Anthem. 

All children were invited to make a crown at home to wear for the day to celebrate the Coronation. We were amazed at some of the wonderful and creative examples our families made. Prizes were awarded in classes for the winning crowns. Maryam in Year 5 said, ” I made my beautiful hat with my father.  It was lovely to have some family time. I was surprised and shocked that I won!”


On Friday, the kitchen prepared a special Coronation lunch for the children. Burhan in Year 3 said, ” It was a magnificent lunch to help us celebrate the Coronation. The hall was decorated with flags and the kitchen staff dressed up too!” 


26th April and 28th April - Eid Assembly

The children in Years 3 to 5 finally got the chance to perform their Eid Assembly to their parents on Wednesday and Friday. 


The choir opened the show with ‘I Look, I Look, I see’.  A play was performed with songs that followed Ayesha and Ali who learnt about Ramadan and Eid celebrations.

The children also shared Ramadan and Eid traditions around the world.

26th April - Eid Celebration Parties

 The children and staff all enjoyed a delicious Eid party lunch today of samosas, vegetarian sausage rolls and sandwiches. Sabiya in Year 5 said, “I loved the Eid party lunch because it is just like the food I have at home.”



The children wore their Eid clothes and enjoyed celebrating with their friends and teachers “I enjoyed the Eid party lunch because everyone had a smile on their face. Also, the dinner was delicious. The music was very loud which I liked.” Diyanah Year 2.

“I loved the drinks and sandwiches they were very nice.” Suhana in Year 5.

Thank you to all the kitchen staff for their hard work in making another fabulous party lunch.





The celebrations continued after lunch with an Eid party in their classrooms.






17th March - Comic Relief

The 17th  of March was Comic Relief day! The children raised £200 for the charity by voting for which teacher they thought should get soaked. The lucky winners were Mr Beasley, Miss Bhatti, Mrs Armstrong and Mr Garside. 



The children definitely enjoyed watching them get soaked.

7th March - Choral Speaking

On Tuesday 7th March, Classes 3H and 5A performed at the Oldham Coliseum at the 37th Annual Oldham Primary Schools Choral Speaking Festival.

The children had the chance to perform on stage and watch other children from Oldham schools. 

3H performed Mike Teavee by Roald Dahl and I Need to do my Homework by Kenn Nesbitt for which they were awarded an Honours Plus.

“Performing at the Coliseum was very good. I was so proud of myself.” Raihan in 3H.

“I was amazed! I was shocked that we actually managed to stand up in front of all the people.” Taiiba in 3H.

5A performed Sick by Shel Silverstein and The Magic Box by Kit Wright for which they were awarded an Honours Plus.

“When I first got on the stage, I was so nervous, but when I got off, I wasn’t nervous because I knew we had done well.” Danyaal in 5A.

“It was scary looking at all the people watching us. When it was over, I was so happy and proud at how well our class had done.”

2nd March - World Book Day

Thursday 2nd March was World Book Day at Burnley Brow.  The children and staff were asked to dress as an ambitious word for the day.  During the special World Book Day assembly, a word procession took place and the children were asked to guess the word.  The costumes looked amazing.


8th February - Poetry Slam

On Wednesday 8th February, children from Nursery to