5th May - Coronation Celebration Day

The children and staff came to school wearing either red, white or blue or all three if they wished to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III.  The children learnt about the Coronation, the Monarchy and British Values. During assembly, the children sang the National Anthem. 

All children were invited to make a crown at home to wear for the day to celebrate the Coronation. We were amazed at some of the wonderful and creative examples our families made. Prizes were awarded in classes for the winning crowns. Maryam in Year 5 said, ” I made my beautiful hat with my father.  It was lovely to have some family time. I was surprised and shocked that I won!”


On Friday, the kitchen prepared a special Coronation lunch for the children. Burhan in Year 3 said, ” It was a magnificent lunch to help us celebrate the Coronation. The hall was decorated with flags and the kitchen staff dressed up too!” 


26th April and 28th April - Eid Assembly

The children in Years 3 to 5 finally got the chance to perform their Eid Assembly to their parents on Wednesday and Friday. 


The choir opened the show with ‘I Look, I Look, I see’.  A play was performed with songs that followed Ayesha and Ali who learnt about Ramadan and Eid celebrations.

The children also shared Ramadan and Eid traditions around the world.

26th April - Eid Celebration Parties

 The children and staff all enjoyed a delicious Eid party lunch today of samosas, vegetarian sausage rolls and sandwiches. Sabiya in Year 5 said, “I loved the Eid party lunch because it is just like the food I have at home.”



The children wore their Eid clothes and enjoyed celebrating with their friends and teachers “I enjoyed the Eid party lunch because everyone had a smile on their face. Also, the dinner was delicious. The music was very loud which I liked.” Diyanah Year 2.

“I loved the drinks and sandwiches they were very nice.” Suhana in Year 5.

Thank you to all the kitchen staff for their hard work in making another fabulous party lunch.





The celebrations continued after lunch with an Eid party in their classrooms.






17th March - Comic Relief

The 17th  of March was Comic Relief day! The children raised £200 for the charity by voting for which teacher they thought should get soaked. The lucky winners were Mr Beasley, Miss Bhatti, Mrs Armstrong and Mr Garside. 



The children definitely enjoyed watching them get soaked.

7th March - Choral Speaking

On Tuesday 7th March, Classes 3H and 5A performed at the Oldham Coliseum at the 37th Annual Oldham Primary Schools Choral Speaking Festival.

The children had the chance to perform on stage and watch other children from Oldham schools. 

3H performed Mike Teavee by Roald Dahl and I Need to do my Homework by Kenn Nesbitt for which they were awarded an Honours Plus.

“Performing at the Coliseum was very good. I was so proud of myself.” Raihan in 3H.

“I was amazed! I was shocked that we actually managed to stand up in front of all the people.” Taiiba in 3H.

5A performed Sick by Shel Silverstein and The Magic Box by Kit Wright for which they were awarded an Honours Plus.

“When I first got on the stage, I was so nervous, but when I got off, I wasn’t nervous because I knew we had done well.” Danyaal in 5A.

“It was scary looking at all the people watching us. When it was over, I was so happy and proud at how well our class had done.”

2nd March - World Book Day

Thursday 2nd March was World Book Day at Burnley Brow.  The children and staff were asked to dress as an ambitious word for the day.  During the special World Book Day assembly, a word procession took place and the children were asked to guess the word.  The costumes looked amazing.


8th February - Poetry Slam

On Wednesday 8th February, children from Nursery to Year 6 performed the Poem they had been learning in class in our seventh annual Poetry Slam!

Classes were either awarded a Merit, an Honours or a Distinction.

The children also enjoyed performing in front of their parents on Friday as well – a real opportunity to showcase their talent.