Our school catering service is provided by Oldham Council.  Children are offered a wide range of delicious and healthy choices every day at a great price.  

The price of a school meal is £2.70 a day or £13.50 for the week, although all children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 can receive free school meals automatically as part of the Government’s School Food Plan.

Children may also bring a healthy packed lunch from home, although we encourage your children to enjoy a school meal where possible.

Are you a parent of a  child in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, in receipt of state benefits? Then please apply to Oldham Council for your free school meals by filling in this form. This is because we receive an increased level of funding per child who would be eligible for free school meals, even if they already receive them as part of the Government scheme.

We agree that this is confusing, but your help will provide us with more resources to spend on all of our children’s education and development.

Government information regarding school meals

Below are the menus – these change with the seasons. These menus act as a guide as the day the meals are served on are subject to changed depending on deliveries. 

Menu 1

Menu 2

Menu 3